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Officially welcome to Employer Branding Revolution!  The Reinventa Dee Oceans Ltd Unit  exclusively dedicated to global and local consulting activities about employer branding.

Reinventa Dee Oceans Limited is a stock join company operating within the consulting field and specialized in Strategic Marketing, Digital Media Communication, Corporate Branding, Product Branding, Personal Branding and Employer Branding themes, with mandates in UK, USA, ASIA and Northern and Central Europe. It's a London-based firm located at 6 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, E14 9XL, in the Docklands area within brand new financial center named Canary Wharf.

Founded by Davide Scialpi, Employer Branding Revolution, employer branding is on!  is officially owned and operated by Reinventa Dee Oceans Ltd.

Find out more about Reinventa Dee Oceans by simply visiting our web site:  reinventadeeoceans.com !

What We Do

Under Employer Branding Revolution Brand, Reinventa Dee Oceans Ltd delivers Strategic Consulting activities to help Companies improve their appeal as place to work and B2B services suppliers within the field set business development and product / services development strategies in order to sell more or to improve awareness as well as Higher Education Courses, Training, Workshops and Conference Events into the world wide on the today's hottest and newest employer branding frontiers.

Our Consultancy is fundamentally oriented to help companies satisfy their own emerging needs in order to improve their own appeal as employer (place to work).

In a few words, we develop our own employer branding consulting in terms of:

  • Strategic Audits and Planning for Global and Local approaches
  • Employer Value Proposition Building and Revisiting
  • Employer Brand Communincations Plans ( Formulation, Implementation, Execution),
  • Employer Brand Monitoring Systems :

Our Educational Courses, Workshops and Our Events have one common purpose:  helping and educating specialists, managers and consultants about the employer branding issues in a rigorous and concrete way with the scope of providing them necessary and vital skills to develop with effectiveness their own daily managerial activities as employer branding strategists.

To simply reach these goals, The Employer Branding Revolution Team avails itself of the precious collaboration of well-known international experts, managers, consultants and specialists into the employer branding field coming from the world of academic research, consulting firms and multinational corporations.

In fact, Employer Branding Revolution is globally recognized as one of the most important and valid community of top employer branding professionals and specialists. If you wanto to get more about how to colloborate with us, simply join our Community on Linkedin Employer Branding Revolution. Hundreds of specialists have already joined us from anywhere in the globe ( USA, North America, UK, North Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and so forth)

As part of our oingoing effort to correctly inform specialists, experts and passionates about this subject, we regularly publish valuable contents and information within our blog in form of articles, interviews, insights and news by involving all the Global employer branding leaders belonging to our network and by paying a special attention about Local perspectives.

In other words, Employer Branding Revolution is also an international portal where first getting the latest updates and related to this topic and all its managerial implications in terms of Internal Communication, Recruiting, Marketing, Branding, HR and Corporate Strategy.  Just discover more on our blog!

The Employer Branding Revolution Team gives you the official welcome to the Employer Branding Revolution!

So, getting ready for the revolution?...Employer Branding is on right now on employerbrandingrevolution.com !!


Some of Reinventa Dee Oceans Global Clients: Top Large Size Companies


Some of Reinventa Dee Oceans Global Clients: Top Suppliers

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Our Head of Employer Branding Revolution Consulting Department:

Mr Davide Scialpi: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com

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The Employer Branding Revolution Team! 

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