Insights from a Boston Consulting Group Recruiter Perspective

 New initiative by Employer Branding Revolution is coming, guys!. We are now committed to delivering a 2 DAYS Training Course about How to build a winning employer brand strategy!. Called The Employer Brand Experience, it will take place in Milan at Blend Tower on May 7th and 8th , involving successful  specialists from companies and organizations one step ahead in respect to this theme: LINKEDIN, BNL BNP PARIBAS, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, SERENELLA PANARO, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, DAVIDE SCIALPI, SIMONE MAGGIO.

After interviewing Diego Marini from BNL BNP Paribas, We decided to involve another trainer taking part of our event course. It's the Stefano Lavizzari turn, everybody!. Stefano is Recruitment Specialist at The Boston Consulting Group. He will be our Special Trainer in occasion of DAY1 on May 7th and he will be deeply telling us about BCG Employer Branding Strategies in occasion of the Back to Business session! 

D: So, thanks so much Stefano for joining us and for your time. First question I wanted to ask you is: In terms of soft and hard skills, What makes the difference for being hired by a prestigious strategy consultancy firm like The Boston Consulting Group today? 

S: "..well..when we recruit in BCG, we do not have a "standard", we do not have "specific requirements" (only full marks, previous consulting experience, etc.). We are looking for people. During our recruiting process we try to find "well rounded profiles": you should be strong in problem solving, analytics and logic, but also a team player with excellent listening skills, very curious and creative. Last but not least, commitment and drive are essential to be a BCG Consultant..."

D:  Does BCG recruit high-achievers economists and management engineers only ? 

S : "....Diversity is fundamental, so we have colleagues with different academic and professional backgrounds: degrees from Engineering to Social Sciences, PhDs, MBAs – fresh graduates, expert from Industrial companies, Professor from Universities. Everyone could find his path in BCG...."

D: What are the must-know do's and don'ts to succeed when interviewing for open jobs at The Boston Consulting Group?

S : "....First of all, be yourself. The interview is the time where we could understand the fit between the candidate and the firm, and vice versa. Don't be shy and ask questions, enjoy this moment with BCGers and try to imagine your future with us! Share your energy and passion for this job!..."

D: So, What is not BCG as place to work?

S: "...For sure, BCG is not a competitive environment. During my time in this firm I have found very collaborative and reliable colleagues. The only competition you have to face is with yourself: everyone wants to give the best to grow further professionally and personally!.."

D: With BCG, You had a work experience as Recruiter in Poland too, Did you find any differences between italian job seekers and the poland ones in approaching job ( acts, behaviours, dreams, wants,expectations),  having a recruitment interview and in terms of possessed skills and competences  ? 

S: "...I think the main difference among polish and Italian job seekers is about their pragmatism. Polish guys are very direct in asking questions about salaries, working hours, lifestyle – Italians seem more interested in the Firm's values, work environment and growth opportunities. On the other hand, no difference in terms of possessed skills and competences".

D: How important is the touch points management with job seekers for BCG and how do you manage that during the candidate experience?

"...I believe it's essential being transparent and clear when you speak with your candidates. Unfortunately, 90% of the time is about giving negative feedback, but it's also a key part of the recruiter job. Collect information and provide comments about strengths and needs of the candidates – they are not a number to fill or reach, they are a human being like you!"

D: What does it mean working at BCG from your angle ?

S: "...Working in BCG means collaborating with smart, creative, curious people that are always looking for the best solution in every situation. Very stimulating environment with great growth opportunities – internal and external, local and global!"


Head of Employer Branding Revolution

April 4th London, UK. 


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