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7 September 2012

Employer Branding Italia Workshop Milano

Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!!!....first stop?....Milan, Italy!... The 4th and 5th of December 2012 at UNA Hotel Mediterraneo, Via L.Muratori 14.... discover more about it by simply visiting employerbrandingrevolution.com!  ..... ...Employer Branding is officially gonna be on!

12 August 2012

Employer Branding and Corporate Social Responsiiblity

We all know what is Employer Branding about it, isn’t true?

Employer Branding is just about improving the image of a company as employer. Consequently to this definition, The first thing that comes to mind is: wow, that’s really amazing! so, It is not recruiting, isn’t? 


6 August 2012

Employer Branding Job Opportunity Employer Branding Manager Ernst & Young China


Hey there, Employer Branding Revolutionaries!

How're you doing?.. Hope all is well.

As you know, We often use to share with you interesting job opportunities in employer branding coming from all over the world. Sure, We are Employer Branding Revolution. You know, Employer Branding is on, first! 

This time, we catched another compelling and exclusive challenge, only for you. In fact, We'd like to let you know about the possibility to be the brand new Employer Branding Manager at Ernst & Young China ( Asia ). 

4 August 2012

Hello Everybody, 

Welcome to the Employer Branding Revolution Blog. What's going on?  Hope you're good.

About us, everything is ok. Today we have to ask you a so delicate question: Did you know we're also on Twitter? Did you know Employer Branding Revolution is on Twitter also?  ... no? ...Do you know what Twitter is? ... no? 

3 August 2012

We love Facebook. We're big 'Facebookers' here at Employer Branding Revolution. We are addicted to sharing videos, photos and posting status updates from our various profiles.

But ok one thing is for sure: here we are not to tell anyone what is happening right now in our lifes. In other terms, here we are not to tell If we're gonna eat Pizza Peperoni or Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Tomato or similars. We simply think that Facebook really represents a great way to get your feedback on how we daily go to realize.

25 July 2012

Hi there! Here we are again for blogging brand new employer branding contents. We have lots of things to tell and share with you. Lots of stories.Tons of anecdotes. Sorry, we really can't wait. We are born to run. There's no time. We love to constantly share with you brand new stuff on employer branding without hesitations. We get pleasure in communicating and writing about the brand new frontiers in employer branding.

So, we are going to post a series of interesting thoughts written by well known specialists. This time we have decided to dedicate a couple of characters on How to use Storytelling in employer branding.

25 July 2012

It's a very amazing and lovely day in London. The sun is shining. It seems to be like in the summer. Finally, We are enjoying the sun after several weeks of rain. We deserve this stuff. We have to say, It's very rare! But of course sometimes it happens. Sometime we can say that we are lucky. For your information, Olimpics are coming here in London, also.  Did you know that?Unfortunately, We will not take part of the games. But we can guarantee that we are seriously pushing to transform Employer Branding in a brand new discipline for the next time. There's a big need related to it. Joking, of course. :)

23 July 2012

Avevamo promesso che saremmo ritornati presto a postare in Italiano. Ed eccoci qua. Detto fatto. Pronti per proporre altro contenuto interessante, valido e fresco. Sì perchè questa volta atterriamo su livelli ancora più complicati rispetto al normale e alle classiche considerzioni. A caratterizzare il body di questo nuovo nostro blog post è qualcosa di veramente minuzioso e dettagliato. Si tratta di temi abbastanza noti quali quello dell' employer branding e del personal branding ma in particolare del loro rtirovarsi nella stessa carrozza all'interno dello stesso treno come si dice. In questo caso incredibilmente si ritrovano nelle stesse acque e nello stesso momento.

Di recente su eFinancial Careers, portale numero 1 per quello che concerne la carriera nella finanza in Italia, è stato pubblicato un interessante articolo firmato da Davide Scialpi. Il popolare job board ha chiesto all'esperto di Employer Branding, Personal Branding e Branding Aziendale Internazionale di spiegare COME PROTEGGERE IL PROPRIO BRAND PERSONALE NEL MOMENTO DEL CONGEDO DA UN ORGANIZZAZIONE. 

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