The Employer Branding Revolution Community: the biggest and the best employer branding specialists from all over the US, UK and from around the world!

Dear Employer Branding Revolution Readers and Members and Dear Employer Branding passionates

we are very proud and pleased to announce that Employer Branding Revolution officially represents one of the most authorative communities into the globe on the employer branding themes.

In less than 3 months, thanks to our reputation in the field, We managed to put togheter the biggest, the best and the most important employer branding specialists and experts from anywhere in the world: USA ( United States of America, Canada), UK (United Kingdom), Latin America  ( Brasil, Perù, Argentina, Chile), Central Europe ( Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands) , Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland ) , Eastern Europe ( Russian, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey), ASIA ( China, Japan, India, Australia, South and North Korea) and the list goes on.

Our purpose is to better figure out and carry on this innovative, complicated and interesting managerial trend in order to allow anyone to manage with effectiveness their all work activities related to it by improving their organizational perfromances.

To reach this goal, We simply use to share the best employer branding practices and insights. First we love to provide also information about the most interesting and valuable global job opportunities in the world first and, last but not least, we are very commited to create and build an unbeatable network of skilled people from various perspectives that are able and willing to collaborate in real time in order to allow the employer branding to evolve toward brand new innovative stages.

The Employer Branding Revolution Community is gonna be inevitably the number 1 place to discuss, interact and share valuable contents and thoughts on the subject. It is indeed a very impressive network. Hundreds of people have already joined our group on Linkedin. We're gonna be 700 members in less than 90 days. No spam, no direct and tedious sales pitches, no untargeted people. Only Knowldege and experiences will be shared. These are just a few of the things characterizing our Global Employer Branding Community and that is our group is famous for.

In a couple of days, we will do inform you and show you better how to collaborate with us and how to become active member of our community. In the meantime, here's the link to join in our group and join the conversation about the latest new facts in employer branding. 

Thank you for your time and for demonstrating your active part in Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on!

Today, doing employer branding  has never been so easy!

Greetings from London! 

The Employer Branding Revolution Team


To immediately get in touch with us, simply E-mail us to : or Tweet us at @ebrevolution 


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France's top brand Manolo Blahnik Sale shoes in this season brought wonderful design lets a person full of praise, Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes White especially the study on sports shoes design is very in place, you can even use jing to describe, Manolo Blahnik Hangis Jeweled Blue the Alfie of Flat shoes is a perfect model of beauty, luxury in the mesh material of "glittering" Mosaic shine more than color bright pearl, like seem golden armor, Christian Louboutin Shoes Discount so that the design of America laguna also can only be a perfect design of Christian Louboutin fencing, Louboutin Heels Online French classic color and bright golden color combination is also very good creative point, fantastic design created a sports shoes with the new production of high, Jimmy Choo Heels and it is a masterpiece of Christian Louboutin luxury meticulously.

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