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3 August 2013

Hi there revolutionaries,

Here we're to post you brand new job opportunities in employer branding. We've found all those on Linkedin and we've  simply thought it was useful and great sharing with you all these unrepeatable chances about it.

We catched amazing and compelling employer branding opening positions coming from anywhere in the globe and shared by great companies. We do hope you can find what fits better your career expectations in the field.

Check all the tweets we posted through our official twitter account and get the employer branding job of your dreams in real time!  Keep tweeting us: @ebrevolution !! And don't forget to join our massive Linkedin Community 

Goood luck!






  1. Job opportunity: Manager, Employer of Choice External Com at RBC - Toronto, Canada Area

  2. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant - at LinkedIn - United Arab Emirates

  3. Job opportunity: Group employer branding manager at DNV Group (Det Norske Veritas) - Oslo Area, Norway

  4. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant - at LinkedIn - Stockholm, Sweden

  5. Job opportunity:Head of HR Communication and Branding at Xpertize.be - Brussels Area, Belgium

  6. Job opportunity: Praktikum - Personalmarketing/Employer B at AUDI AG - Munich Area, Germany

  7. Job opportunity: Employer Marketing Manager at Thales - Redhill, United Kingdom

  8. Job opportunity: Digital Employer Branding Intern - September 2013 at L'Oréal - France

  9. Job opportunity: Experte Employer Branding (w/m) / Frankf at EY EYGS ROW - Germany

  10. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant ( at LinkedIn - Milan Area, Italy

  11. Job opportunity:Technical University Recruiter at Facebook - London, United Kingdom

  12. Job opportunity: Internships in Corporate Human Resources at Henkel - Cologne Area, Germany

  13. Job opportunity: Employer Brand Specialist at Deloitte Australia - Sydney Area, Australia

2 August 2013

Canary Wharf

Hi there, lovely Employer Branding Revolutionaries,

How're things going? Hope all well!


Here in London anything is doing great. For the first time ever, sun, hot temperatures and smiling people are fully walking hand in hand. It's a very rare stuff.  Usually wheather is characterized by unstoppable rain and cold. So, very happy about it! 


London is literally burning! It seems to be in Dubai or in California. Tons of positivity in the air here in Canary Wharf on the Docklands.


but, dear revolutionaries, there's more under the hot sun.


In fact, we must confess, we're also happy and keen for the fact that... the world's most authoritative employer branding community is now committed to organizing a revolutionary workshop about the latest fromtiers in employer branding right here in London, which is the world's coolest city ever in the world's most compelling and competitive business environment and market ever!


In a few words, to be clear and precise about it, after the great success of the 2012 and 2013 Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR and EDUCATIONAL COURSE events ,we're ready and excited to launch another massive and unique opportunity to meet a world-class, expert panel speakers, your fellow chapter members and other likeminded senior professionals from across the world. 


So, in this respect, speakers recruitment and selection are officially started. Consequently, what we want to ask you is:

    1. Do you have a valuable Employer Branding story to be shared?

    1. Do you want to boost and strengthen your Personal Brand in the field ?

    1. Do you want to live an incredible public speaking experience ?

    1. Do you want to collaborate with incredible employer branding speakers, presenters and managers?

If it is so, simply apply for a speaking position today at Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!

Please submit your proposal based on your experience and insight into our project management. 

The Employer Branding Revolution community wants to hear your story! Of particular interest are case studies, success stories, innovations, and practical lessons that delegates will be able to use back at the office. 

All the information about the event will come soon on our web site, stay tuned: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com 

Keep following us on our blog: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com/blog 

At your convenience and for your information, you can have a look at our previous event's post Gallery :http://www.employerbrandingrevolution.com/gallery/employer-branding-revolution-live-tour-gallery 

APPLY TO SPEAK AT THE 2013 / 2014 LIVE TOUR WORKSHOP, MASTERCLASS, EDUCATIONAL COURSES: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com 

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes, 


Davide Scialpi 
Project Director - Employer Branding Revolution 
2013 website: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com 
skype: scialpskype 
T. 0044(0)7466096932 
Drop me a message here via Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidescialpi 

This announcement is primarily aimed at corporate experts / specialists and accademics. In case you are an Employer Branding solutions provider contact us for a limited number of sponsorship/exhibition opportunities.

30 June 2013

Hi there, Revolutionaries! 

This post is to tell you that we recently organized an Educational Course about Employer Branding. It was named "The Employer Brand Experience!" and It was totally sold out!

So, as a consequence, we would take chance to say thanks to all those companies have  joined us:  Ernst&Young, Luxottica, Safilo, Aubay, Bosch, Data Logic, Markas, Carige Bank, Telecom Itaiia, A2A Energy, Lincoln Electric, The Boston Consulting Group, BNL BNP Paribas, University of Trento, Linkedin. Thank you for being part of the revolution! 

Furthermore, I decided to share with you a couple of snapshots about it. It could be great to figure out event dynamics, situations and logics.

For more or to get in contact with me,  write to me: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com or Add me on Linkedin Davide Scialpi' Linkedin Profile.


2 March 2013

We are excited to announce that Employer Branding Revolution Community has officially reached an important milestone: 1000 members! 1000 employer branding specialists coming from anywhere in the globe for interacting and collaborating together through a collaborative process. 

It has been more or less 1 year ago when we dediced to run this adventure. We had lots of doubts about it at the starting point. It was like betting on an outsider horse. But we never thought to give up. We never thought it woud have been a walk. We just started working to create something not existing. We just started running a lot by feeling the effort and the energy of our passion.

The goal from the very beginning has never changed: Taking Employer Branding to the next level! 

We never changed our purpose. We have called to actions. So, we have done lots of tests and projects by involving our community members in various kind of activies. We have tried to do something different, distruptive and revolutionary. Competitors have started imitating and emulating us. But we have kept us on our trajectory without stopping and by doing the best we can with all our heart and without changhing way or road.

We have been able to organize together two incredible events, involving the most active and proactive global employer branding specialists from anywhere in the globe and the world's most followed gurus and thought leaders within hr, marketing and communication field:

Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR 2012 Milan 

Employer Branding Revolution EDUCATIONAL COURSES 2013 Milan 

We do find this result as incredible success but for us it's just the first step, the first level, the first stage, the first part of a Revolution that has no boundaries! 

We have had opportunity to learn a lot from others and now we have experienced ourselves about what can be useful and how to do it. We are now commited to launching other incredible activities anywhere. You have just to follow us. 


If you want to go further, If you want to do what you ever dreamt to do and if you want and like collaborating with others, Employer Branding Revolution is your network, your community and your lab.

Reach us from wherever you are in the world and bring the action!!!! To reach purposes, it takes massive actions. Massive action is just for a few people. Revolutionary people! 

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM! 

26 February 2013

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Luca Balbiani, a Management Engineer Consultant working in  Sophia Antipolis, ( Montecarlo )  for AUBAY, which is a consulting firm operating within IT field. By chatting to him, I got knowledge about his efforts on managing Aubay's employer branding activities for attracting talented IT Engineers even if his daily role within the company is about things completely different from these themes. He is a Management Consultant involved on IT products devolopment activities, to be precise. I was really surprised at the passion and enthusiasm he gives in running his particular mission about employer branding around Europe. He has confessed me he is very marketing passionate! So consequently I dediced to ask him a couple of questions in order to share with our readers his adventures about it.

D: So, Luca, first of all, thank you for your time and thank you for being part of our community.To start, I'd like to ask you.. Who AUBAY is, what’s your role within company and what about your mission on employer branding?

L:  "...well, AUBAY is an Integration and Technology consultancy Group headquartered in Paris. Our company is specialized in information and industrial systems, networks and telecommunications.

Capable of technically and functionally developing its activities in all these areas, AUBAY is has a leading position in Bank / Finance, Insurance (Assurance), Industry, Energy, Transport, Telecoms sectors, differentiating from its competitors by offering to its customers a high value-added “know-how”.

Let me share with you some numbers about AUBAY: 

With more than 2,700 employees, AUBAY is present in 12 offices across 6 European countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg). We are constantly growing and improving. In the last three years, AUBAY has acquired two new companies: Adex Ingénierie in France and Selex Elsag in Italy (banking activity of Finmeccanica Group). A significant indicator proving the commitment of the company is the recruitment of 800 new consultants in 2014.

Regarding my role in AUBAY Group, I can say that in nowadays, I am carrying out a mission in French Riviera for an IT leading company in the e-travel industry sector. I am in charge of managing Product Definition activities for three Airline IT projects. 

Thanks to my proficiency in English, Spanish, Italian and French and my expertise in international business, I am also working as a project manager role to bring up together IT financial service products among different AUBAY offices in Europe (mainly France and Italy).

And last but not least, I collaborate with HR and Communication department for Digital Media Marketing and Employer Branding strategies too!!!..."

D: That's very cool!! So can you please tell us What does it mean working at AUBAY for You and Which kind of value in terms of intangible and tangible benefits AUBAY can offer to IT Engineers? 

L: .".well, to be honest, to address this point, instead of listing tangibles benefits offered by AUBAY, I would rather focus on the intangible ones in order to explain the value added of our offer: we propose a real opportunity for TOP universities graduates to move abroad and start an international career.

During this period I often listen to my former colleagues complaining about the lack of international environment and contractual conditions on their current jobs. Their response when suggested to move abroad is “It is not that easy”, and I agree. Today’s economic situation does not encourage companies to search talents abroad: sometimes they rather hire from national offer, avoiding costly logistic and bureaucratic issues. Moreover, the spoken language of each country might represent an obstacle.

In contrast, AUBAY is actively looking for foreign talents because our customers are 100% international, requiring and needing as many consultants coming from different countries (both EU and extra-EU) as possible.  To illustrate this latter point: in my mission in French Riviera the customer’s portfolio amounts to over 120 nationalities among staff and consultants. Therefore, the creation of AUBAY international teams seems like a right move.

One of the AUBAY priorities is the talent scouting abroad, and in order to achieve it, this company invests a lot in Career Service Events of European Universities.

Finally, I would like to highlight that our HR Managers facilitate as much as possible the arrival of a new consultant in France: they provide assistance for logistic issues (like the house research) and bureaucratic tasks (such as opening a bank account and the offer of private medical insurance).

Last but not least, French courses are offered to all consultants in order to overcome the language barriers.

In my personal view, working in AUBAY means  ‘’to breath’’ the internationality of the Technology Business: every day I work and I have possibility to interact with people coming from all over the world, speaking English, French, Spanish and of course a bit of Italian.

The international label is also present in the trend of the company to collaborate on several projects shared among the 12 different offices around Europe. This is not very common in other consultancy companies, which tend to keep projects in only one country. 

D: But could you please share with us some initiatives you have formulated and implemented in terms of employer branding for attracting your target audiences ( IT High Performers ) ? 

L: "....Despite I am not a HR manager, I have a strong passion for Digital Marketing and Employer Branding. That is why I often collaborate with HR and Communication Department for creating buzz about AUBAY brand and its values.

There are two main activities I am pursuing: to participate in ‘’round tables’’ events organized by universities and I consider crucial the HR presence at these events for all questions related recruiting and career opportunity, as the presence of a business consultant to address questions such as ‘’what are your daily activities?’’ or ‘’what are the difficulties for an Italian who wants to move to France for working?’’. I honestly think I am the right person to respond to these questions since I have experienced by myself what moving in France from Italy means and I can also explain in detail projects and activities where a new graduated might be working 

Furthermore, I have created a LinkedIn group (AUBAY in French Riviera: link) where I have uploaded the video I have prepared with my colleagues to explain why potential candidates should join us in this great region (in my opinion, French Riviera represents a perfect balance between working expectations and quality of life). Thus, I would like to invite Employer Branding Revolution Community members to have a look at AUBAY video (link). Through this video I simply pointed out and communicate that from a geographic point of view, we are located in Costa Azzurra. Which is an important driver characterizing our employer value proposition. Then I dediced to ask our IT Consultants to share their own personal professional stories in order to create identification through a storytelling activity to succesfully attract high value IT performers like them...."

D: How do you find Employer Branding Revolution Community on LinkedIn for your Employer Branding mission ? 

L:"...I daily follow with enthusiasm the Employer Branding Revolution Community  on Linkedin. I found interesting contents that helped me do the right things so far. It's very great interacting with real experts from around the world too! 

I strongly believe that continue and dynamic interactions with the Community let me find the good INSPIRATION for my daily activities. This INSPIRATION will help me not only in the Employer Branding mission, but in my project management works and career in general. All of us represent a Brand in unstable and dynamic market, so it is crucial to know how to communicate this brand in the in the most efficient way to reach brand new goals..."



Head of Employer Branding Revolution

February 25th London, UK. 

E-Mail: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com

23 February 2013

Employer Branding Revolution - Guest Post - Serenella Panaro - Personal Branding

In quella che è la marcia di avvicinamento alla nostra due giorni di formazione sui temi dell'Employer Branding dal titolo THE EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE! in programma a Milano il 7 e 8 Maggio 2013 e reallizato con la collaborazione speciale di aziende del calibro di The Boston Consulting Group, BNL BNP Paribas,Università di Trento, LinkedIn e Davide Scialpi,  abbiamo chiesto proprio ad uno dei nostri trainer delle due sessioni educative SERENELLA PANARO, Business Coach Certificato e Career Coach presso l'Università di Trento, di svelarci ed illustrarci in soli 7 punti i segreti e i motivi per migliorare la nostra, la vostra, la propria presenza on line dal punto di vista professionale.  

I 7 motivi per cui Linkedin è un valido strumento per promuovere il proprio Personal Brand oggi.......

“Be Personal!” E’ questa la parola chiave che oggi guida le strategie di chiunque voglia ottimizzare il proprio CV, aumentare contatti e visibilità, essere riconosciuto per la propria expertise. Grazie alle nuove funzionalità, e ai suoi 200 milioni di utenti, Linkedin è un perfetto strumento di Personal Branding e risponde esattamente a questa esigenza, consentendo di gestire sempre più proattivamente e a 360 gradi lo sviluppo di carriera. Il profilo somiglia ormai ad un mini-sito personale con cui poter orchestrare più azioni contemporanee, scegliere come promuovere se stessi, raccontare la propria storia professionale e coinvolgere chi legge il profilo: 

It’s your Brand!.. Prenditi la piena responsabilità di promuoverti! Poiché stai comunicando te stesso, la tua professionalità e non quella di qualcun altro, parla alla Prima Persona, mantieni tale coerenza in tutte le sezioni del profilo, e inserisci un e-mail o un recapito telefonico per poter entrare in contatto con te. 

Evita di semplificare e riprodurre quanto già scritto nel tuo Curriculum Vitae. Al contrario, utilizza LinkedIn per raccontare la tua storia professionale, scegli parole che esprimono la passione e l’entusiasmo che metti in ciò di cui ti occupi, e ricerca sempre il coinvolgimento in chi ti legge. Approfitta dell’Headline, ovvero la sezione che più frequentemente compare nelle ricerche e meglio comunica il tuo brand, per chiarire la tua professionalità, anche nelle diverse sfaccettature di cui è eventualmente composta (es. Employer Branding Specialist | Marketing Specialist | Speaker | Trainer). L’impatto è di certo molto più interessante dell’asettico livello del tuo inquadramento aziendale (es. Quadro presso Azienda X). Per un uso ancora più “personal”, aggiungi una breve frase guida che chiarisca cos’è che anima il tuo lavoro, qual è il tuo obiettivo professionale, e quale valore aggiunto apporterai a chi lavorerà con te (es. Employer Branding Specialist | Marketing Specialist | Speaker | Trainer | Consultant .Driving Corporate Growth!)

Foto, video, Slides & Co... Inserire una foto professionale è essenziale. Scegline una curata, che ben ti identifichi, ti renda riconoscibile, ma soprattutto colpisca l’immaginario di chi visita il tuo profilo. Tieni presente inoltre che la foto nell’Headline è uno degli elementi che ti consente di raggiungere il completamento al 100% del profilo, facendoti rintracciare più frequentemente nelle ricerche!

Oggi è possibile essere ancor più proattivi: nella sezione riservata alle esperienze professionali puoi aggiungere ulteriori immagini che rappresentano i momenti salienti della tua carriera (es. premiazioni) o che chiariscono la tua attività (es. momenti di aula, conferenze in cui sei relatore), Slides (per presentare ad esempio alcuni risultati o progetti che hai seguito), e anche video. Personalmente trovo i video una splendida opportunità per presentarti a chiunque avrà la curiosità di leggere il tuo profilo. Perchè non sfruttarli quindi per dare il benvenuto nella tua pagina “ a tuo modo” e per raccontare il tuo mondo?

Fai parlare gli altri di te... Gli “endorsment” che trovi alla sezione “Skills & expertise” e le  “recommendations” sono due opzioni diverse ed entrambe utili per far parlare gli altri di te! La prima è molto più rapida: con un semplice click i tuoi contatti possono validare alcune delle skills che tu stesso hai deciso di inserire nel profilo. E’ una sezione di sicuro impatto visivo e quantitativo. Ma le recommendations sono più interessanti. Perché?  Perché qualcuno spende parole per te, e non solo un click. Perché qualcuno si prende il tempo di raccontare una storia: quella della relazione e dell’esperienza lavorativa avuta con te. Si tratta di persone che ti hanno conosciuto professionalmente, e la cui testimonianza va ad inserirsi su una dimensione qualitativa. Inoltre, considera che tra le funzioni con cui è possibile ricercare i profili, esiste quella che filtra solo quelli che contengono “recommendations”. Un motivo quindi per sollecitare quest’opzione!

Sii consistente nell’ uso delle tue Key words... I recruiter inseriscono filtri e lavorano per parole chiave quando cercano un candidato. E’ quindi fondamentale individuare quelle che più ti rappresentano come persona e come professionista. Sceglile con cura, evidenziale sapientemente nelle diverse sezioni del profilo e testane l’efficacia. Come? Nell’area “Top Search Keywords” puoi verificare attraverso quali parole chiave il tuo profilo viene maggiormente raggiunto. Raffina dunque la tua strategia di Personal Branding, scegliendo sinonimi che nel tuo settore sono più comuni o preferiti per descrivere certe competenze. Ciò ti consentirà di dirottare un traffico target crescente verso il tuo profilo. 

Non limitarti inoltre a inserire le tue parole chiave nella sezione “Skills & expertise” ma rendi più consistente e credibile il tuo profilo citandole nell’Headline (la sezione che appare con maggiore frequenza nelle ricerche), nel Sommario, e anche tra le  Esperienze Professionali. Considera Keyword non solo le hard skill(specifiche conoscenze e comptenze) ma anche le soft skill (aggettivi e verbi che sottolineano la tua passione e l’entusiasmo che guidano i tuoi progetti), così come i nomi delle Aziende o dei clienti con cui hai lavorato. Tutto può divenire fonte preziosa per trovarti!

Uso appropriato dell’URL... Sii personale in ogni dettaglio! Modifica con il tuo nome e cognome l’url del profilo che, di default, appare come una stringa di caratteri numerici. Potrai così inserirlo nei tuoi documenti, sul tuo biglietto da visita e il tuo curriculum.

Rendi “vivo” il tuo profilo... Il profilo, e quindi il tuo Personal Brand, non è una fotografia statica. Va alimentato, curato, promosso, modificato spesso. Rendilo vitale, permettigli di esprimere la persona che c’è dietro. Consideralo come un dolce di qualità, preparato con cura, ben confezionato ed esposto in vetrina. Se a distanza di mesi lo ritrovassi ancora lì in vetrina, uguale ma ormai impolverato, lo troveresti di certo meno attraente. Semplici refresh a piccoli dettagli hanno un duplice risultato: mantengono up to date il tuo profilo e dirottano traffico e contatti preziosi.

Un po’ di “netiquette” non guasta mai… Attenzione all’immagine professionale che mostri nella delicata fase di primo contatto. La cattiva abitudine di inviare richieste a chi non si conosce, senza presentarsi, far capire la ragione dell’interesse per il profilo della persona a cui si scrive, può compromettere la possibilità di stabilire nuovi legami preziosi. Quando entri in contatto con qualcuno nella vita reale di norma ti presenti mentre gli stringi la mano. Non si comprende perché, nel mondo virtuale, questa buona regola sociale e professionale sia spesso dimenticata. 

Per ottimizzare la tua presenza e le tue azioni in questa vetrina eccezionale e di portata globale per la tua professionalità che è LinkedIn, la domanda che dovrai porti sarà: “che tipo di Personal Brand voglio comunicare?”


Serenella Panaro,

Business & Career Coach certificato e Career Coach presso l'Università di Trento.

Serenella sarà fra i Trainer Formatori del Corso di formazione professionale Employer Branding Revolution THE EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE organizzato in collaborazione con REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, BNL BNP PARIBAS, LINKEDIN, DAVIDE SCIALPI  in programma a Milano il 7 e 8 Maggio 2013 presso Blend Tower, Piazza 4 Novembre, subito vicino alla stazione centrale di Milano.


23 February 2013

Employer Branding Revolution - Potential Park

Employer Branding Revolution - Potential Park Nordic Forum

On March 7th 2013, Employer Branding Revolution will be supporting  an interesting and unconventional workshop seminar hosted, organized and set out by Potential Park  centered on the latest evolutions in digital communication for employer branding: The Nordic OTaC Forum 2013

In a War For Talent that is going digital,  companies online talent communication has never been so important for attracting and recruiting ideal high value people. So, the question is: What can we do to win the hearts of talents through social, mobile and web?

Following Frankfurt, Paris and New York, ”Winning the Hearts of Talents Online” represents an exclusive breakfast event in Stockholm for HR, Communication and Employer Brand leaders to discuss on results and trends in today's Online Talent Communication

Forum will deep dive in  topics like:

• How online talent communication is changing the rules of recruitment

• Where mobile recruitment is going in 2013 and beyond

• How digital natives judge recruitment in social media

• Why you should be stressed about your online candidate experience

• What it will take to make your ATS a job seeker love affair 

• Who’s winning the career website battle and why


Official SPECIAL GUEST will be: Davide Scialpi, International Employer Branding Thought-Leader and Founder of Employer Branding Revolution


It will take place on Thursday, March the 7th, 09:00-11:30 (breakfast is served from 08.30, at  Magnus Ladulåsgatan 63A, 118 27 Stockholm (Office of Ping Pong AB).

To join event, simply apply here. Please Note: Seats are limited.


Backing the talks are Potentialpark’s latest global OTaC studies S-Com (Social Media Talent Communication), M-Com (Mobile Talent Communication), TEWeB (Top Employer Web Benchmark) and APOLLO (Applying Online and Loving IT).09.00 09.15 09.3

Nordic #OTaC13 Forum – Stockholm 7/3 ”Winning the Hearts of Talents Online”

Here's full agenda about it: 

09.00 -  Welcome (breakfast from 08.30)

09.15 - Time Travel – 10 years with Understanding Talent

09.30 New rules of the game – Global OTaC Trends 2013

09.45 - How to win Mobile & Social – Trends 2013

What are the latest results from global study of +26 000 job seekers on how Online Talent Communication is changing the game in recruitment?

10.15 - Coffee break

What are the latest results on M-Com and S-Com 2013, where is mobile and social going and how can employers adapt to attract and recruit the digital natives using mobile and social?

10.30  - Applying Online and Loving It – Trends 2013

What are the latest results on top career web sites and online application processes, who’s winning the career web site battle and what should employers do to make their online candidate experience a love affair?

10.45 - We are in an Employer Branding Revolution

What are the opportunities and challenges facing employer brands around the world in an age of digital and employer brand revolution?

11.10 - Winning The Hearts of Talents Online – Management Takeaways

Panel discussion on most important takeaways from the latest OTaC research and trend spotting, and what management should do about it.

11.25 - Summary and what to do on Monday 

Hare all confirmed Key Note Speakers:

• David Scialpi, International Employer Branding Thought Leader & Employer Branding Revolution Founder, Guest Speaker

Tommie Cau, Employer Brand Expert, Moderator

• Torgil Lenning, Founder & CEO, Potentialpark

• Daniel Eliasson, Business Director, mobile digital agency Apegroup

• Björn Wigeman, Senior Advisor & Director USA, Potentialpark

• Julian Ziesing, Client Development Manager, Potentialpark

For more information, visit Potential Park Web Page: 

Have a good seminar in Stockholm!!! Reach us from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland! 

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM!

19 February 2013

Employer Branding Specialists - Employer Branding Consultants

Hi there, Revolutionaries! 

We are proud to inform that Employer Branding Revolution, the world's most authoritative employer branding community, is going to reach an important milestone!! 1000 and we say it again 1000 glocal employer branding specialists from anywhere in the world.

Only a few days left and we will get this important result. Which represents an incredible achievement for taking employer branding to the next level.

But, as you know, the revolution has just begun!! and you, and we say it again, YOU! are and you can be active part of this Revolution!!

Come and join us and contribute with your incredible power , thoughts, competences and energy for turning this ambitious goal in reality from wherever you are in the world: USA, North America, Mexico, Brazil, Perù, Chile, Italy, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russian, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Luxembourg, China, Asia, Australian, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Japan and so on!!! 

Here's the link forwarding to our Community: Employer Branding Revolution Community

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM!

7 February 2013

Davide Scialpi interviewed by Human Factor about Employer Branding - - ASIA - India

I recently had an interview about the latest and hottest issues in employer branding from a glocal perspective  on THE UMAN FACTOR Magazine, which is the monthly HR and business leadership magazine from INDIA (ASIA)  published by Planman Media, with focus on the present HR scenario, best practices in the area, and views of the leading practitioners in the industry.

I nearly answered to 7 various and delicate questions about how companies can successfully run global and local employer branding strategies today.

I was not the only one doing that. In fact, entire e-magazine has been dedicated to employer branding issues by involving the world's most authoritative thought leaders within the field. So, consequently, you can find also other views and interesting contents about it  from other valid companies and experts.

The purpose of my post is to simply share with you some takeaways, visions and views from my interview, with the hope that they can really be useful and fruitful for your daily effort on employer branding themes:

"The Employer Brand is an intangible corporate asset!"

"If the company has built a strong and authentic employer brand experience, it means that the company has effectively focuses on satisfying employees' tangible and intangible needs"

"For a company, the only way to become an employer of choice is to build a good place to work"

"Retention and Motivation Strategies are more important than Attraction strategies in employer branding!.....


So if you want to read more and get other golden nuggets about employer branding, here you can find the entire interview and the link forwarding to asiatic e-magazine: THE HUMAN FACTOR MAGAZINE - WORLDWIDE EMPLOYER BRANDING ISSUES. 

Have a good reading and do let me know what's your say about it!


Davide Scialpi

Head of Global Educational Contents and Employer Branding Consulting Departement at  Employer Branding Revolution

London, February 7th

6 January 2013

Glocal Thought Leadership

Employer Branding Revolution is a great opportunity to interact with and meet incredible global thought leaders working on local perspectives too in various fields: Branding, Employer Branding, Recruitment, HR , Digital Marketing and Strategy.

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