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27 December 2012

It's been more or less 1 year since we decided to officially launch out there Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on! community, the first community putting together the world's biggest and best employer branding specialists having the scope of taking employer brandng to the next level.

As you will know, in pursuing these goals, one thing is for sure doing or trying doing stuff like that today requires an incredible dose of patience, determination and passion. We are used to call them pre-conditions.

So, after several weeks of hard work, interactions, conversations, discussions, ideas, views and stimulus, we can tell that we made it. We made it because we have simply and officially managed to develop the first chapter of our Revolutionary Plan. In other words, we have been definitely able to turn something intangible like our on-line Linkedin Community in something tangible, pragrmatic and solid like a Workshop.

The Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!! Workshop! 

In this effortful but rewarding journey, we have to say that we have been succesfully supported by companies like L'OREAL HQ, LINKEDIN, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, UNICREDIT BANK, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, UNIVERSUM, MASERATI, KPMG, BNP PARIBAS, LEROY MERLIN, BARILLA, FERRERO, ENI OIL & GAS, BOSCH and top managers like LUIS GALLARDO, DENNIS DE MUNCK, DAVIDE SCIALPI.

We have developed together an incredible experience. We all gained value. We all have laerned lots of stuff about how to avoid obstacoles and how to exploit opportunities in running today's employer branding strategies. We all leaved the mark. We all joined the conversation. We all had our say. We all empowered our selfs. In other words, we all contributed to let the revolution start. 

but, guys, the revolution has just begun!! 

we say it again: 

the revolution has just begun!! 

We are officialy now going to take next steps of the revolution. And clearly to reach brand new levels and goals, we need your preciuous help.

So, If you are interested to be an active actor of our Revolution we are going to develop in next couple of weeks anywhere in the globe and if you have a revolutionary spirit like us, you are still on time to join us and to discover more how you can contribute and how we can involve you in our projects. Your ideas, your energy, your creativity as well as your views can actively break the rules of the game and will take you to the hearth of the scene like never before in your life!

The Employer Branding Revolution Team! 

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