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2 March 2013

We are excited to announce that Employer Branding Revolution Community has officially reached an important milestone: 1000 members! 1000 employer branding specialists coming from anywhere in the globe for interacting and collaborating together through a collaborative process. 

It has been more or less 1 year ago when we dediced to run this adventure. We had lots of doubts about it at the starting point. It was like betting on an outsider horse. But we never thought to give up. We never thought it woud have been a walk. We just started working to create something not existing. We just started running a lot by feeling the effort and the energy of our passion.

The goal from the very beginning has never changed: Taking Employer Branding to the next level! 

We never changed our purpose. We have called to actions. So, we have done lots of tests and projects by involving our community members in various kind of activies. We have tried to do something different, distruptive and revolutionary. Competitors have started imitating and emulating us. But we have kept us on our trajectory without stopping and by doing the best we can with all our heart and without changhing way or road.

We have been able to organize together two incredible events, involving the most active and proactive global employer branding specialists from anywhere in the globe and the world's most followed gurus and thought leaders within hr, marketing and communication field:

Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR 2012 Milan 

Employer Branding Revolution EDUCATIONAL COURSES 2013 Milan 

We do find this result as incredible success but for us it's just the first step, the first level, the first stage, the first part of a Revolution that has no boundaries! 

We have had opportunity to learn a lot from others and now we have experienced ourselves about what can be useful and how to do it. We are now commited to launching other incredible activities anywhere. You have just to follow us. 


If you want to go further, If you want to do what you ever dreamt to do and if you want and like collaborating with others, Employer Branding Revolution is your network, your community and your lab.

Reach us from wherever you are in the world and bring the action!!!! To reach purposes, it takes massive actions. Massive action is just for a few people. Revolutionary people! 

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM! 

27 December 2012

It's been more or less 1 year since we decided to officially launch out there Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on! community, the first community putting together the world's biggest and best employer branding specialists having the scope of taking employer brandng to the next level.

As you will know, in pursuing these goals, one thing is for sure doing or trying doing stuff like that today requires an incredible dose of patience, determination and passion. We are used to call them pre-conditions.

So, after several weeks of hard work, interactions, conversations, discussions, ideas, views and stimulus, we can tell that we made it. We made it because we have simply and officially managed to develop the first chapter of our Revolutionary Plan. In other words, we have been definitely able to turn something intangible like our on-line Linkedin Community in something tangible, pragrmatic and solid like a Workshop.

The Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!! Workshop! 

In this effortful but rewarding journey, we have to say that we have been succesfully supported by companies like L'OREAL HQ, LINKEDIN, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, UNICREDIT BANK, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, UNIVERSUM, MASERATI, KPMG, BNP PARIBAS, LEROY MERLIN, BARILLA, FERRERO, ENI OIL & GAS, BOSCH and top managers like LUIS GALLARDO, DENNIS DE MUNCK, DAVIDE SCIALPI.

We have developed together an incredible experience. We all gained value. We all have laerned lots of stuff about how to avoid obstacoles and how to exploit opportunities in running today's employer branding strategies. We all leaved the mark. We all joined the conversation. We all had our say. We all empowered our selfs. In other words, we all contributed to let the revolution start. 

but, guys, the revolution has just begun!! 

we say it again: 

the revolution has just begun!! 

We are officialy now going to take next steps of the revolution. And clearly to reach brand new levels and goals, we need your preciuous help.

So, If you are interested to be an active actor of our Revolution we are going to develop in next couple of weeks anywhere in the globe and if you have a revolutionary spirit like us, you are still on time to join us and to discover more how you can contribute and how we can involve you in our projects. Your ideas, your energy, your creativity as well as your views can actively break the rules of the game and will take you to the hearth of the scene like never before in your life!

The Employer Branding Revolution Team! 

7 September 2012

Employer Branding Revolution

Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on! is officially one of the world's most important and authoritative employer branding community. With over 800 pure Employer Branding Specialists it represents an incredible and unbeatable lab for all those who are interested in being updated about the latest employer branding frontiers.

Best practices, Insights, compelling discussions, Strategic and Visionary thinking, High-Quality contents, High-Grade Networking characterizing this unconventional and innovative international hub. 

1 August 2012

Dear Employer Branding Revolution Readers and Members and Dear Employer Branding passionates

we are very proud and pleased to announce that Employer Branding Revolution officially represents one of the most authorative communities into the globe on the employer branding themes.

In less than 3 months, thanks to our reputation in the field, We managed to put togheter the biggest, the best and the most important employer branding specialists and experts from anywhere in the world: USA ( United States of America, Canada), UK (United Kingdom), Latin America  ( Brasil, Perù, Argentina, Chile), Central Europe ( Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands) , Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland ) , Eastern Europe ( Russian, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey), ASIA ( China, Japan, India, Australia, South and North Korea) and the list goes on.

25 July 2012

Hi there! Here we are again for blogging brand new employer branding contents. We have lots of things to tell and share with you. Lots of stories.Tons of anecdotes. Sorry, we really can't wait. We are born to run. There's no time. We love to constantly share with you brand new stuff on employer branding without hesitations. We get pleasure in communicating and writing about the brand new frontiers in employer branding.

So, we are going to post a series of interesting thoughts written by well known specialists. This time we have decided to dedicate a couple of characters on How to use Storytelling in employer branding.

25 July 2012

It's a very amazing and lovely day in London. The sun is shining. It seems to be like in the summer. Finally, We are enjoying the sun after several weeks of rain. We deserve this stuff. We have to say, It's very rare! But of course sometimes it happens. Sometime we can say that we are lucky. For your information, Olimpics are coming here in London, also.  Did you know that?Unfortunately, We will not take part of the games. But we can guarantee that we are seriously pushing to transform Employer Branding in a brand new discipline for the next time. There's a big need related to it. Joking, of course. :)

23 July 2012

The time is running out. We are working like no other. We are trying to do the best to offer you the best.  Employer Branding Revolution is been officially launched at Vienna, during the last Talent For Tomorrow Summit 2012 at Hilton Hotel. It seems like yesterday. The dream has been made reality. Today Employer Branding Revolution is one of the biggest community in the globe about the employer branding themes. A very impressive global network.If you are interested to be an active member you are still on time to join in. Waiting for you. You're welcome.

18 July 2012

Mr. Davide Scialpi, the Head of the Employer Branding Revolution Department, has recently been interviewed on RecruitingTrends.com about the future of employer brand communication in the digital era from a global perspective. His post,  How do you communicate an effective employer brand to the millenial generation? , has got retweeted and shared by tons of people from anywhere in the world. 

Ergo, we would like to highlight and share with you some points of major concern discussed in his column.

At the beginning of his article, Mr. Scialpi underlines that Social Media sites offer an incredible element of involvement instead of the static information of traditional Web Sites. If the so-called Millennial Generation wants to be involved, comment and chat with others in real time, then companies cannot afford the luxury of communicating through social media just because it is trendy but must have a strategic plan behind their approach.

Mr. Scialpi emphasizes the importance of understanding the social media environment and stresses the centrality of being a user first. This will afford the possibility to plan what and how to communicate and how to manage conversations with one’s own target audience.

He also wants to point out that in the social media world it is of vital importance to be one of the first movers. In other words, applying the first mover advantage to employer branding in order to capture job market share much more easily without worrying out about rival companies trying to reach the same job seekers. This will allow the employer to be known as great a place to work before other competitors capture that visibility share. This also will consolidate some of their own employer brand and will allow them to gain visibility in terms of brand awareness which will in turn help the sales and marketing departments with business development.

In other words, Mr. Scialpi   just wanted to draw the attention to the fact that employer branding really supports strategy much more than other managerial trends.

Well, Here's the full article. from RecrutingTrends.com, the US portal exclusively dedicated to the recruiting trends. Enjoy your reading.

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