Employer Branding Book by LinkedIn: 5 Steps to building a Highly Social Employer Brand

Employer Branding Book - Linkedin

Linkedin has recently created and launched a guide about how to build a highly social Employer Brand. I found this book very powerful, useful and absolutely helpful. And the most incredible thing is that it can be downloaded for free!! And I say that again for free!!! I wanted to share with you this Linkedin initiative. 

It could be a good way to get more about employer branding for all those are daily involved about these themes and frontiers for their own job and for all those are interested in going further about it.

In particular, I would highly recommend and suggest that to:

  • Employer Brand Managers
  • Employer Brand Strategists
  • Employer Branding Consultants
  • Hr Manager, Hr Specialists
  • Recruitment Managers and Specialists
  • Communication Managers and Specialists.

So, You can succesfully download the Employer Branding Guide  by your self by clicking the following link: Employer Brand Book by LinkedIn

I am really curious to know your say about it! 




Head of Employer Branding Revolution

February 25th London, UK. 

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