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23 June 2013

Hi there, guys! It's Davide Scialpi writing here! How are things going? hope all is well with you! :) 

Here to blog again! Thanks for following us! 

Today, I'm gonna post to you about a stunning experience I personally lived.

I recently had the pleasure of having a meeting with a very big company. So far, in my professional life, I met tons of multinational corporations in any part of the world. But, I must confess, I rarely met a Brand. You could argue: ok, all multinational corporations are more or less brands. What do you mean by Brand ?.

Sure, In my view, a brand is an experience. An holistic experience. Something that goes further! Something that makes you excited!  something that you don't forget! something that makes you feel pleasure!

One week ago, I had a powerful meeting with the Brand: DIESEL. I had the fortune of visiting DIESEL Headquarter and living a memorable experience. I never shared something about my meetings so far. I don't think it's interesting. But this time I couldn't make it. It was something very cool.

Lots of people think  Employer of Choices are the Employers listed on PR Rankings ( Probably adulterated too). Wrong! Totally wrong!

An Employer of Choice first is a great place to work. An Employer of Choice is an organization able to create memorable experiences for its own clients and employees. Its own people. Diesel is a powerful example about it. 

In my personal ranking, from now on, Diesel is the number 1 place to work!

DIESEL is cool international people, cool products, cool interiors, cool situations, cool international environment, cool place to work! This is a company, this is a place to work! 

DIESEL Managing Director ( which is a number 1!) said to me: Davide, don't share anything about our brand new DIESEL campaign!...so brand new DIESEL campaign is coming!

Have a look about what I have looked with my own eyes one week ago at Vicenza , North of Italy.

See ya'. Write to me davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com

Diesel Employer Branding

Diesel Employer Branding Revolution

19 July 2012

Delivering a succseful Candidate Experience is one the most growing imperatives in order to build, to improve or to strenghten today's enterprises employer brand. In respect to this subject we totally appreciated an accurate contribution coming from employerbrandingblog.com where only a few weeks ago Charlotte Bryldt Theisen, Employer Branding Manager at Dong Energy has been involved as Guest Blogger.  

Charlotte has divided her post on employer branding in two parts by firstly having their say about the candidate experience and then by explaining all the reasons why Recruitment Manager is the key to improve the performance level.  

We would like to share with you some interesing concepts from her blog post:

"employer branding is also about looking closely at the communication you provide through the entire recruitment process!"

"In employer branding all your efforts will normally be put into convincing the candidate that your company is the place to be"

"By allocation some of your employer branding resources on educating the hiring manager, you can raise your performance level"

Here's the full article. Enjoy your reading about employer branding.


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