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Hi there, guys! It's Davide Scialpi writing here! How are things going? hope all is well with you! :) 

Here to blog again! Thanks for following us! 

Today, I'm gonna post to you about a stunning experience I personally lived.

I recently had the pleasure of having a meeting with a very big company. So far, in my professional life, I met tons of multinational corporations in any part of the world. But, I must confess, I rarely met a Brand. You could argue: ok, all multinational corporations are more or less brands. What do you mean by Brand ?.

Sure, In my view, a brand is an experience. An holistic experience. Something that goes further! Something that makes you excited!  something that you don't forget! something that makes you feel pleasure!

One week ago, I had a powerful meeting with the Brand: DIESEL. I had the fortune of visiting DIESEL Headquarter and living a memorable experience. I never shared something about my meetings so far. I don't think it's interesting. But this time I couldn't make it. It was something very cool.

Lots of people think  Employer of Choices are the Employers listed on PR Rankings ( Probably adulterated too). Wrong! Totally wrong!

An Employer of Choice first is a great place to work. An Employer of Choice is an organization able to create memorable experiences for its own clients and employees. Its own people. Diesel is a powerful example about it. 

In my personal ranking, from now on, Diesel is the number 1 place to work!

DIESEL is cool international people, cool products, cool interiors, cool situations, cool international environment, cool place to work! This is a company, this is a place to work! 

DIESEL Managing Director ( which is a number 1!) said to me: Davide, don't share anything about our brand new DIESEL campaign!...so brand new DIESEL campaign is coming!

Have a look about what I have looked with my own eyes one week ago at Vicenza , North of Italy.

See ya'. Write to me davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com

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