Diego Marini

30 June 2013

Hi there, Revolutionaries! 

This post is to tell you that we recently organized an Educational Course about Employer Branding. It was named "The Employer Brand Experience!" and It was totally sold out!

So, as a consequence, we would take chance to say thanks to all those companies have  joined us:  Ernst&Young, Luxottica, Safilo, Aubay, Bosch, Data Logic, Markas, Carige Bank, Telecom Itaiia, A2A Energy, Lincoln Electric, The Boston Consulting Group, BNL BNP Paribas, University of Trento, Linkedin. Thank you for being part of the revolution! 

Furthermore, I decided to share with you a couple of snapshots about it. It could be great to figure out event dynamics, situations and logics.

For more or to get in contact with me,  write to me: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com or Add me on Linkedin Davide Scialpi' Linkedin Profile.


10 March 2013

Diego Marini - Employer Branding Revolution

Employer Branding Revolution is going to be newly on. We are now committed to organizing a brand new initiative for all our followers. It will nearly be a 2 DAYS Educational Course about How to build a winning employer brand strategy!. It's named The Employer Brand Experience, it will take place in Milan at Blend Tower on May 7th and 8th and it will involve successful trainers and specialists as well as well-known companies and organizations: LINKEDIN, BNL BNP PARIBAS, THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP, UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, SERENELLA PANARO, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, SIMONE MAGGIO.

As you know, we are used to involve our speakers / trainers in very flash interviews to know more about them. This time it's the Diego Marini, turn. Diego is Talent Acquistion Strategy Manager at BNL BNP Paribas. He will be Special Trainer in occasion of DAY2 of our Educational Course, telling us more about BNL BNP Employer Branding Strategies within a special session named Back to Business! 

DS: So, here we go Diego! Firstl of all, thanks so much for accepting to have an interview with us. That’s a pleasure to us. To start, In just a few words, could you please tell us more about which strenghts of your professionalism have permitted to you to reach the goal of being Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager at BNL BNP PARIBAS Group ?

DM: "Well....first of all Davide thank you for giving me the opportunity to actively join the Employer Branding Revolution “Dream Team”. Answering your question, you know I have a background in Management Consulting (about 7 years of experience there), where I faced several and various subjects, with a focus on HR&Organization ones. This experience helped me to become really flexible and able to face with everyday different tasks with creativity and passion, trying to develop new competencies in the faster possible way. So, my journey in Management Consulting surely supported me and my professional profile to be “attracted” by a great international Group as BNP Paribas, specifically in BNL, an excellent environment where innovation is a strategic “must”. In addition, by myself, I think I am energetic, pro active, reliable and love changes and challenges, I think these attitudes helped me too.

DS: Based on your experience, in nowadays what kind of peculiarities are required for getting possibility to be hired by a Bank as well as to run a successful career within the banking sector? 

DM: "...flexibility, passion for innovation, international mindset and a practical approach in the same time are some of the main features a potential candidate should have to have a successful career in a Bank. We are facing with a dynamic and changing market and it is important that people are ready to approach with new methods, new subjects, new ways of work in order to positively answer to the organization needs.

DS: What’s the most frequent managerial quote you are used to repeat your self for the decision making of your daily job? 

DM: "...Sure, I got it:  “Be Yourself, Follow Your Dreams and Deliver Excellence”. This is my philosophy. It is composed by two emotional concepts and a most operational one. Let me explain. To succeed you should try to be always yourself, considering your attitudes as a treasure and applying them to the environment you are working in, of course adapting as needed. Dreams have to be a goal for you and you should hardly work to obtain what you want, think that everything is possible. When you are yourself and you are following your dreams you will surely deliver excellent results. I think that is true both in professional and personal life. 

DS: Diego, as we know, you will be special trainer for Empoyer Branding Revolution next 8th of May in Milan, Could you please reveal us and share with us some points of your presentation in occasion of DAY2?

DM: "....During my presentation at the session I will try to transfer to attendees my personal experience in, I would say,  "Total Employer Branding Strategy" that is the virtuous mix of Employer Branding dedicated to the external,  the Internal Branding dedicated to company employees and Personal Branding. For a successful Total Employer Branding Strategy all these components should be accurately managed. I will not bring only a theoretical approach but mainly a practical one, trying to underline all the main aspects of the innovative Employer Branding Strategy BNL has activated and is currently managing. Stay tuned for details!...."

DS: What does it mean being Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager in BNL BNP PARIBAS and what does it mean working at BNL BNP PARIBAS from your personal point of view ?

DM:"....In my opinion, It means to have a great opportunity! To have an opportunity to develop deep Talent Management & Acquisition skills and HR ones in general, to feel free to propose my own innovative projects and to be sponsored by the top management, considering BNL as a pure innovator in the Financial Services industry. It means also to be part of a solid international banking group where mobility is considered as one of the main steps for the professional growth of an employee. As Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager I really feel I have a mission: to find and attract the best talents in the market, talents for a changing world, using method and a "project" approach for each open position to be covered. That is very challenging and I like it!....."



Head of Employer Branding Revolution

March 11th London, UK. 

E-Mail: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com


21 February 2013

Diego Marini - Employer Branding Revolution -

Mr. Diego Marini is currently in charge of managing HR, Recruiting & Employer Branding Projects both for Corporate Functions and Branches at BNL - BNP Paribas Group.

He joined BNL BNP Paribas in 2012, after about 7 years of experience in Management Consulting where he followed strategic projects with a focus on HR&Organization, Talent Management&Acquisition, Sales&Marketing at primary international clients operating in Financial Services and Consumer Goods industries.

Mr. Marini holds a Master’s Degree in International Management from LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy, loves international and dynamic environments, team-working, complex projects and, most of all, creativity.

When he has free time he likes to play kick boxing&gym, travel, drink great wine and have fun with his friends!

His core specialties are Talent Management & Acquisition, Training Strategy, Employer Branding, Business Strategy, Workforce Planning, Project management,  Innovation, Business Process Reengineering, Organization Development, Sales & Marketing.

He will be our official special trainer at Employer Branding Revolution Educational Course DAY2, 08/05/2013:

Our Employer Branding Revolution Educational Course, named THE EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE - HOW TO BUILD A WINNING EMPLOYER BRAND STRATEGY!, will be officially delivered on May 7th an 8th in Milan at Blend Tower ( Piazza 4 Novembre, 7) in special association with THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP with STEFANO LAVIZZARI, LINKEDIN with MICHELE BARBERI, DIEGO MARINI, Serenella Panaro from UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO,  DAVIDE SCIALPI (Global Employer Brand thought leader) from Reinventa Dee Oceans.






For more info about it, please contact:


Our Corporate Relations Manager - Italy -

T. 0039 328 92 51 290 (CET Time)

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