19 February 2013

Employer Branding Specialists - Employer Branding Consultants

Hi there, Revolutionaries! 

We are proud to inform that Employer Branding Revolution, the world's most authoritative employer branding community, is going to reach an important milestone!! 1000 and we say it again 1000 glocal employer branding specialists from anywhere in the world.

Only a few days left and we will get this important result. Which represents an incredible achievement for taking employer branding to the next level.

But, as you know, the revolution has just begun!! and you, and we say it again, YOU! are and you can be active part of this Revolution!!

Come and join us and contribute with your incredible power , thoughts, competences and energy for turning this ambitious goal in reality from wherever you are in the world: USA, North America, Mexico, Brazil, Perù, Chile, Italy, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russian, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Luxembourg, China, Asia, Australian, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Japan and so on!!! 

Here's the link forwarding to our Community: Employer Branding Revolution Community

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM!

3 November 2012

Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on actually represents the  world's most authoritative and followed community about the employer branding subject. 

The biggest and the best employer branding specialists from anywhere in the globe joined us to daily taking you to the hearth of employer branding. They interacting, talking and confrontin each others by joining the conversation about it and sharing their thoughts without anytype of filter and without selling! Where? within our Linkedin Group.

With over 800 of members in less than 8 months, Employer Branding Revolution is reinventing the way of thinking this innovative managerial trend. Innovative contributions, suggestions, thoughts and ideas are welcome.

As part of our ongoing effort to guarantee great value to our members, we can tell that we costantly call to action by asking all those who want be active part of the revolution to get involved in Projects, Workshops, Job Opportunities and Conferences.

So, do not hesitate to join us. To strongly evolve, employer branding compulsorily needs your energy and your irripeatable vale. Do not wast your time, go further! Come and reach us: Employer Branding Revolution Lab!

See ya'. 

The Employer Branding Revolution TEAM!

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