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Davide Scialpi speaking about Employer Branding at HRO Forum Europe 2013 - London, United Kingdom - November 13th

Hi all,

How are the employer branding things going? I trust my message reaches you well!

Purpose of this post is to simply tell you that on November 13th I will be speaking and presenting about the latest evolutions and revolutions in "Employer Branding" at HRO Forum Europe 2013 in LONDON ( United Kingdom ) along with several global providers and brands such as:

Royal Bank of Scotland UK, Procter & Gamble UK, PricewaterhouseCoopers UKDeloitte UKKenexaAstrazenecaAccenture, British Petroleum, Motorola, Telefonica, Ernst&Young UK 

and many more...

Here is my blog post about it: Davide Scialpi presenting at HRO Summit Europe - London - UK 

Here is Forum Web Site:

I also wanted to inform you we have recently uploaded "Employer Branding Revolution" Linkedin Group Cover Image. Have a look at that!

And remember: 
"Employer Branding Revolution is made up of people, real people. Human Beings! What I really know today is that the era of logo visibility is gone. We are now living in the era of Human Beings visibility!"

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

E-mail: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com or T. 0044(0)7466096932 or 0039 3289251290 ( London Local Time )

Best wishes, 


ps: The Marketing Innovation Revolution has just begun!

Davide Scialpi 
CEO of RDO, Reinventa Dee Oceans and Head of EB Revoluton
website: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com 
skype: scialpskype 
T. 0044(0)7466096932 or 0039 3289251290 ( London Local Time )
Drop me a message here via Linkedin: 

Unbelievable Job Opportunities in Employer Branding from anywhere in the globe [Employer Branding JOBS]

Hi there revolutionaries,

Here we're to post you brand new job opportunities in employer branding. We've found all those on Linkedin and we've  simply thought it was useful and great sharing with you all these unrepeatable chances about it.

We catched amazing and compelling employer branding opening positions coming from anywhere in the globe and shared by great companies. We do hope you can find what fits better your career expectations in the field.

Check all the tweets we posted through our official twitter account and get the employer branding job of your dreams in real time!  Keep tweeting us: @ebrevolution !! And don't forget to join our massive Linkedin Community 

Goood luck!






  1. Job opportunity: Manager, Employer of Choice External Com at RBC - Toronto, Canada Area

  2. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant - at LinkedIn - United Arab Emirates

  3. Job opportunity: Group employer branding manager at DNV Group (Det Norske Veritas) - Oslo Area, Norway

  4. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant - at LinkedIn - Stockholm, Sweden

  5. Job opportunity:Head of HR Communication and Branding at Xpertize.be - Brussels Area, Belgium

  6. Job opportunity: Praktikum - Personalmarketing/Employer B at AUDI AG - Munich Area, Germany

  7. Job opportunity: Employer Marketing Manager at Thales - Redhill, United Kingdom

  8. Job opportunity: Digital Employer Branding Intern - September 2013 at L'Oréal - France

  9. Job opportunity: Experte Employer Branding (w/m) / Frankf at EY EYGS ROW - Germany

  10. Job opportunity: Employer Branding and Media Consultant ( at LinkedIn - Milan Area, Italy

  11. Job opportunity:Technical University Recruiter at Facebook - London, United Kingdom

  12. Job opportunity: Internships in Corporate Human Resources at Henkel - Cologne Area, Germany

  13. Job opportunity: Employer Brand Specialist at Deloitte Australia - Sydney Area, Australia

LONDON calls for Employer Branding Experts/Specialists - apply to speak at one of Europe's most innovative events ( UK Business Workshops )

Canary Wharf

Hi there, lovely Employer Branding Revolutionaries,

How're things going? Hope all well!


Here in London anything is doing great. For the first time ever, sun, hot temperatures and smiling people are fully walking hand in hand. It's a very rare stuff.  Usually wheather is characterized by unstoppable rain and cold. So, very happy about it! 


London is literally burning! It seems to be in Dubai or in California. Tons of positivity in the air here in Canary Wharf on the Docklands.


but, dear revolutionaries, there's more under the hot sun.


In fact, we must confess, we're also happy and keen for the fact that... the world's most authoritative employer branding community is now committed to organizing a revolutionary workshop about the latest fromtiers in employer branding right here in London, which is the world's coolest city ever in the world's most compelling and competitive business environment and market ever!


In a few words, to be clear and precise about it, after the great success of the 2012 and 2013 Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR and EDUCATIONAL COURSE events ,we're ready and excited to launch another massive and unique opportunity to meet a world-class, expert panel speakers, your fellow chapter members and other likeminded senior professionals from across the world. 


So, in this respect, speakers recruitment and selection are officially started. Consequently, what we want to ask you is:

    1. Do you have a valuable Employer Branding story to be shared?

    1. Do you want to boost and strengthen your Personal Brand in the field ?

    1. Do you want to live an incredible public speaking experience ?

    1. Do you want to collaborate with incredible employer branding speakers, presenters and managers?

If it is so, simply apply for a speaking position today at Employer Branding Revolution LIVE TOUR!

Please submit your proposal based on your experience and insight into our project management. 

The Employer Branding Revolution community wants to hear your story! Of particular interest are case studies, success stories, innovations, and practical lessons that delegates will be able to use back at the office. 

All the information about the event will come soon on our web site, stay tuned: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com 

Keep following us on our blog: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com/blog 

At your convenience and for your information, you can have a look at our previous event's post Gallery :http://www.employerbrandingrevolution.com/gallery/employer-branding-revolution-live-tour-gallery 

APPLY TO SPEAK AT THE 2013 / 2014 LIVE TOUR WORKSHOP, MASTERCLASS, EDUCATIONAL COURSES: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com 

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes, 


Davide Scialpi 
Project Director - Employer Branding Revolution 
2013 website: www.employerbrandingrevolution.com 
skype: scialpskype 
T. 0044(0)7466096932 
Drop me a message here via Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidescialpi 

This announcement is primarily aimed at corporate experts / specialists and accademics. In case you are an Employer Branding solutions provider contact us for a limited number of sponsorship/exhibition opportunities.

Snapshots from "The Employer Brand Experience", Educational Course by Reinventa Dee Oceans Ltd [TOTALLY SOLD OUT!]

Hi there, Revolutionaries! 

This post is to tell you that we recently organized an Educational Course about Employer Branding. It was named "The Employer Brand Experience!" and It was totally sold out!

So, as a consequence, we would take chance to say thanks to all those companies have  joined us:  Ernst&Young, Luxottica, Safilo, Aubay, Bosch, Data Logic, Markas, Carige Bank, Telecom Itaiia, A2A Energy, Lincoln Electric, The Boston Consulting Group, BNL BNP Paribas, University of Trento, Linkedin. Thank you for being part of the revolution! 

Furthermore, I decided to share with you a couple of snapshots about it. It could be great to figure out event dynamics, situations and logics.

For more or to get in contact with me,  write to me: davide.scialpi@employerbrandingrevolution.com or Add me on Linkedin Davide Scialpi' Linkedin Profile.


Employer Branding Revolution in the US and in the UK!

Hi there revolutionaries, 

how are things going? hope all is well with you!

We are now committed to organize something special in the US and in the UK. In this respect, we have recently create a totally brand new Linkedin group putting together all the best employer branding specialists, managers and professionals coming from the said world's most developed countries.

We are looking forward to hear your say, read your stories and views about the latest evolutions as well as revolutions in the employer branding. Do not hesitate to join US! OPSS, sorry, Do not hesitate to join UK too!

Here's the link for sending Requests to Join LINK

Don't forget to join our worldwide Linkedin Community too . It's the most authoritative one.

Thank you. See ya' in a bit! 

Davide Scialpi

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