Wednesday 25 July 2012

It's a very amazing and lovely day in London. The sun is shining. It seems to be like in the summer. Finally, We are enjoying the sun after several weeks of rain. We deserve this stuff. We have to say, It's very rare! But of course sometimes it happens. Sometime we can say that we are lucky. For your information, Olimpics are coming here in London, also.  Did you know that?Unfortunately, We will not take part of the games. But we can guarantee that we are seriously pushing to transform Employer Branding in a brand new discipline for the next time. There's a big need related to it. Joking, of course. :)

Monday 23 July 2012

Avevamo promesso che saremmo ritornati presto a postare in Italiano. Ed eccoci qua. Detto fatto. Pronti per proporre altro contenuto interessante, valido e fresco. Sì perchè questa volta atterriamo su livelli ancora più complicati rispetto al normale e alle classiche considerzioni. A caratterizzare il body di questo nuovo nostro blog post è qualcosa di veramente minuzioso e dettagliato. Si tratta di temi abbastanza noti quali quello dell' employer branding e del personal branding ma in particolare del loro rtirovarsi nella stessa carrozza all'interno dello stesso treno come si dice. In questo caso incredibilmente si ritrovano nelle stesse acque e nello stesso momento.

Di recente su eFinancial Careers, portale numero 1 per quello che concerne la carriera nella finanza in Italia, è stato pubblicato un interessante articolo firmato da Davide Scialpi. Il popolare job board ha chiesto all'esperto di Employer Branding, Personal Branding e Branding Aziendale Internazionale di spiegare COME PROTEGGERE IL PROPRIO BRAND PERSONALE NEL MOMENTO DEL CONGEDO DA UN ORGANIZZAZIONE. 

Monday 23 July 2012

The time is running out. We are working like no other. We are trying to do the best to offer you the best.  Employer Branding Revolution is been officially launched at Vienna, during the last Talent For Tomorrow Summit 2012 at Hilton Hotel. It seems like yesterday. The dream has been made reality. Today Employer Branding Revolution is one of the biggest community in the globe about the employer branding themes. A very impressive global network.If you are interested to be an active member you are still on time to join in. Waiting for you. You're welcome.

Monday 23 July 2012

Here's a brand new post. Here we are to continue to post brand new employer branding contents. This time we decided to capture other fresh and innovative contributions from the well known blog employerbrandingblog.com only for you. Well, we recently had the opportunity to read an interesting and inspiring article written by Dominik A. Hahna very great and unconventional Deutsch guy passionate like us to the employer branding themes. He actually works at Allianz Germany as Employer Branding Consultant and his employer branding post was about the role of person - organization fit in employer branding

Monday 23 July 2012


The today’s success of your employer brand is strictly and directly related to the capacity of your organization of attracting, holding on and retaining high achievers or high value people. In pursuing the goal and starting working on employer branding, It's really important taking the first steps by understanding all the needs, expectactions, habits and acts characterizing today’s internal and external job markets.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Apriamo una piccola parentesi relativamente all'Employer Branding in Italia. Vuoi perchè da un lato rappresenta uno dei tanti mercati in cui Employer Branding Revolution effettivamente opera. Vuoi anche per il fatto che il Team di Employer Branding Revolution al suo interno si caratterizza anche di figure italiane. Per logica conseguenza quindi ci sembrava al quanto cosa buona e giusta dedicare un paio di caratteri anche a quello che succede  nel bel paese nel  campo del tanto amato employer branding.


A dire il vero, non si tratta di un vero e proprio post o di un articolo. Ma più che altro di un una sorta di richiamo o di forward ad un intervistra rilasciata non molto tempo fa da Davide Scialpi, Responsabile del Dipartimento di Consulenza di "Employer Branding Revolution".


Il Dottor Scialpi è stato in particolar modo chiamato in causa da TechEconomy, portale magazine molto preciso e puntuale che si occupa con dovizia di  Economia Digitale, proprio per aver un punto di vista autorevole sullo stato dell'arte dell'employer branding in Italia e di indicare 5 profili di Twitter di persone o di aziende che sono impegnate e operano nel campo e che vale effettivamente la pena seguire per ottenere il meglio dal punto di vista informativo e se vogliamo, anche se un pò tirato per i capelli, dal punto di vista formativo educativo. 

L'occasione è stata oltremodo propizia per aprire la mente e gli occhi di molti su come orientarsi in questo ambito lungo tutto lo stivale. E soprattutto anche per denunciare una sorta di arretrattezza congenita che il circuito employer branding patisce.

Qui potete trovare l'intervista intera. Tutta da leggere. E chiaramente molto condivisa nel web che ormai è anche la nostra vita. Niente di virtuale. 

Più avanti avremo modo di approfondire senz'altro ancora più nello specifico la questione. 

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Friday 20 July 2012

Hey there! How're you doing? We trust our post reaches you well.

Here we are to communicate that The Employer Branding Revolution Team is very pleased to announce that today Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on!  ,the global community putting togheter the biggest and the best employer branding specialists and experts from around the world, has 600 members in its network on Linkedin.

We’re now growing at roughly 50 new Employer Branding Revolution members every week. We’re making great progress toward our goal: to connect all of the world’s professionals involved in the employer banding field to make them more productive and successful in their managerial function.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Delivering a succseful Candidate Experience is one the most growing imperatives in order to build, to improve or to strenghten today's enterprises employer brand. In respect to this subject we totally appreciated an accurate contribution coming from employerbrandingblog.com where only a few weeks ago Charlotte Bryldt Theisen, Employer Branding Manager at Dong Energy has been involved as Guest Blogger.  

Charlotte has divided her post on employer branding in two parts by firstly having their say about the candidate experience and then by explaining all the reasons why Recruitment Manager is the key to improve the performance level.  

We would like to share with you some interesing concepts from her blog post:

"employer branding is also about looking closely at the communication you provide through the entire recruitment process!"

"In employer branding all your efforts will normally be put into convincing the candidate that your company is the place to be"

"By allocation some of your employer branding resources on educating the hiring manager, you can raise your performance level"

Here's the full article. Enjoy your reading about employer branding.


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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Mr. Davide Scialpi, the Head of the Employer Branding Revolution Department, has recently been interviewed on RecruitingTrends.com about the future of employer brand communication in the digital era from a global perspective. His post,  How do you communicate an effective employer brand to the millenial generation? , has got retweeted and shared by tons of people from anywhere in the world. 

Ergo, we would like to highlight and share with you some points of major concern discussed in his column.

At the beginning of his article, Mr. Scialpi underlines that Social Media sites offer an incredible element of involvement instead of the static information of traditional Web Sites. If the so-called Millennial Generation wants to be involved, comment and chat with others in real time, then companies cannot afford the luxury of communicating through social media just because it is trendy but must have a strategic plan behind their approach.

Mr. Scialpi emphasizes the importance of understanding the social media environment and stresses the centrality of being a user first. This will afford the possibility to plan what and how to communicate and how to manage conversations with one’s own target audience.

He also wants to point out that in the social media world it is of vital importance to be one of the first movers. In other words, applying the first mover advantage to employer branding in order to capture job market share much more easily without worrying out about rival companies trying to reach the same job seekers. This will allow the employer to be known as great a place to work before other competitors capture that visibility share. This also will consolidate some of their own employer brand and will allow them to gain visibility in terms of brand awareness which will in turn help the sales and marketing departments with business development.

In other words, Mr. Scialpi   just wanted to draw the attention to the fact that employer branding really supports strategy much more than other managerial trends.

Well, Here's the full article. from RecrutingTrends.com, the US portal exclusively dedicated to the recruiting trends. Enjoy your reading.

Tuesday 17 July 2012



Hello everyone!

This is the employer branding revolution team posting. 

Here we are to let you know that ther's a very big and great community there out on Linkedin. It is named Employer Branding Revolution - Employer Branding is on!

It's an international lab where the biggest and the best Employer Branding Specialists from anywhere in the globe are dailying interacting togheter in order to discuss about the brand new issues and frontiers in employer branding. 

Did you know that? 

Well, here we are to personally and officiallly invite you to be active part of our global lab.

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